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Stephen Joyce. View of Manhattan looking South.

Map of Annapolis, Maryland
la villa savoye à poissy, le corbusier.
a sketch from a trip to france.

more sketches coming soon…

quick memory sketch of burger place i recently went to. good burger!
its was a small steel framed shed constructed of I-beam and corrugate steel sheet even the roof was corrugate PVC sheet. industrial yet cozy.
pencil sketch of rothko’s black painting. my favorite painting.
rothko black series
no.8 1964 
'at first glance, these paintings may appear solid black. however, prolonged contemplation reveals the slow build-up of the surface through multiple layers and the close attention rothko paid to gradations in tone and texture. rather than annihilating colour and light, the black-form paintings appear almost luminous as their surfaces absorb and reflect light. the paintings invite the viewer to look more closely, introducing an element of duration and physical self-awareness into the process of perception’ tate modern
a very quick memory sketch, just scribbled what i could remember. drinks with friends
≈ 8min
quick sketch of my crazily messy room
to those who dont  know where Nepal is located. i’ve received many blank looks when i tell people iam from Nepal. 
country between india and china.
captial is Kathmandu.